3 Ways to Add Fire to Your Training!

Starting to feel a little too regimented in your workout routine?

We all go through, what I like to refer to as, “The Workout Doldrums”. It’s that state of being where you are still making progress, albeit slow, but you are starting to feel like a zombie moving through your daily workout rather than really getting into it.

When I stop caring what I’m wearing when I go to the gym, that’s how I know I’m starting to enter “The Workout Doldrums”! My absolute favorite part of the day besides my actual workout is getting to put on a loud and colorful outfit to do my workout in. It’s like putting on my uniform that says, “I’m here to get shit done”.

Can you relate? Is there some part of you that can identify when things are getting a little dull like dry toast and less shiny like new kicks?

If your answer is yes, then this article is definitely for you! If you said no, then this article is still for you and can help you spice up your already awesome workout plan.

Here are 3 ways to fire up your workout routine and start to feel the zest again!

1. Try Something Brand Spankin’ New!

So often we get stuck in our “expertise” and forget to branch out every now and again. We get extremely strong in our discipline and don’t realize that our hard earned strength doesn’t always translate into other sports, activities, or forms of lifting.

Try something completely out of your comfort zone and fully invest yourself while you’re learning.

For example: I spend most of my time in the gym performing some sort of powerlifting or kettlebell workouts, but last weekend I decided to try something new to spice it up a little. I spent two hours monkeying around at a Parkour/ Free Running gym. It’s something that I have never tried or even thought I would try before. I haven’t been sore in my upper body in quite some time, but after my experience at APEX, in Boulder, CO, I thought I had gotten hit by a train…it was awesome!


Just hanging out here…totally know what I’m doing 🙂

There is something truly invigorating about learning a new skill. You go from being highly proficient in your neck of the woods to being the most green in someone else’s territory. It’s definitely scary at first, but after your get through it, you realize how much potential there is for learning and how every experience can add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to your own training and progress.

Besides the benefit of learning a new skill, you get to awaken new muscles that maybe you aren’t use to using in your current fitness regimen. This can be a real eye opener, especially if you are lacking strength in any of your lifts currently and need to start considering new movements to engage some of your smaller, harder to reach muscles. These small muscles can be the make or break on a big lift, and learning how to engage them on command can be critical for a PR lift!

2. Cross-Training

This really goes hand in hand with #1.

If you spend too much time on one type of training you are more likely to get a little blown out from it. Your progress can stall, and you can just get plain board. Training can be a ton of fun, and for me it’s definitely the highlight of my day, but if I never changed it up I would get bored and probably become really unmotivated as a result.

For example: If you are a powerlifter, try throwing in some kettlebell training. Or if you Love cardio, try out some barbell work.

Cross-training can even be an entirely different sports. In the winter when it’s too cold to bike, I go to the climbing gym to give my upper body a boost. Then in the summer when it’s too nice to stay inside, I mountain bike to keep my legs strong.


This is Rosie, my trustworthy downhill bike!

Finding some other form of exercise to train your body besides your “usual” routine is key for keeping your muscles guessing, and just all around fun.

If it’s not fun, it’s really not worth occupying your time for.

And lastly…

3. Post-Workout Burnout Sets

These are awesome, horrible, and effective all at the same time. If you are looking to add a little extra calorie burn to the end of your workout, then you need to be taking advantage of the Post-Workout Burnout Set.

Basically after you finish your workout, be it strength or cardio based, you pick 5-7 bodyweight exercises, or with very little weight, at 5-7 reps for each movement, and repeat the sequence as many times as possible for 15min.

It works best to compliment the work you have already done. So if you just finished your upper body work, pick something upper body focused, but be careful not to exhaust yourself to the point of injury. Change up the movements and use new muscles so you don’t stress muscles that have already been exerted.

For example: If you have been doing a lot of pressing, add in some pulls to your burnout set.

As long as the weight stays minimal to just strictly bodyweight the workout will be awesome. You should be moving quickly enough to work up a sweat, but slow enough to maintain good form.

Next time you’re in the gym and craving that little bit of “extra”, try a burnout set!

There are many ways to keep things in the gym new and exciting while keeping your base routine consistent. Hopefully these three tips will keep you busy for a while!


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