Chasing the Iron Maiden Part II

If you read the first installment of my small, but epic journey then you know I was just about to leave for Whistler, BC, Canada for a two week honeymoon right before I got close to performing a pull up with the very elusive 24kg bell. If you have not read it and you want to you can find part 1 of my journey here.

It’s the beginning of August and all I can think about is how excited I am about barreling down the Canadian mountains on my bike with the wind rushing past me and the dirt flying behind me… my challenge of course was to find time to practice my pull up….yeah right!

I remember telling several of my friends my “grand plan” for bringing all the bells I needed with me so I could work out while we were gone and I think I got practically the same response every single time that went something like, “Seriously, your are actually going to bring kettlebells on your honeymoon?!?” I must admit that at the time I thought everyone else was crazy and wondered, how could they not see all the work I have poured into this journey so far.

Well to make a long story short, everyone else was right. I had an absolute blast on my honeymoon riding my bike, hiking, eating, drinking…it was amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I did end of paying the price though. When I returned home and got back to the gym I couldn’t believe how much progress on my pull up had left me.

[Having a blast in Whistler with my hubby]


Feeling about as blue as I did the moment I got back from my kettlebell instructor certification in California, I found myself in a rut and quickly running out of time before I had promised myself I would attempt the Iron Maiden Challenge. Just one week after my return from Whistler, there I stood, with all of the guilt I told myself I wouldn’t have, staring up to a perfectly perfect pull-up bar just knowing I could not muster the strength to test my skills. It was a very humbling moment to say the least.

[Try as I might, this thing was not budging! Me right after Whistler]

try as i might

Fast forward to Wednesday, December 10th – a pressing day for me and fairly routine. About an hour into my workout I decided to go ahead and give the 24kg pull up a try with the content notion that it probably wasn’t going anywhere, but it was the end of the night and I thought, what the hell why not. Up to this point I basically considered doing a pull up attempt with the 24kg taboo and thought that if I tried it and failed I would be jinxing myself – stupid I know! For some reason on this Wednesday night I just didn’t care and I wanted to know if my program was really working or not.

Guess what! It did work!! I finally did a pull up with the 24kg bell that I so longed to dominate! It was by no means the most graceful pull up I have ever done, but each one after that carried with it a little more trust. I still have until March to complete the IM Challenge, but my hope now is that I can make each lift look like second nature.

Lesson Learned – If it’s something you want really badly it definitely will not be easy. It will test your patience, time, sanity, and the sanity of those around you. When you finally get what it is you want, nothing will taste sweeter.

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