Hey There!

My name is Sabra Epp and three years ago I discovered a hidden passion for kettlebell and powerlifting. Since then I have been whole heartedly training myself and others via online and in person at my home gym, Fundamental Strength, in Fort Collins, CO. Most recently I have been dabbling in nutrition and doing some serious research to learn what the best methods are to maintain a strong and healthy body, most directly, for people not unlike myself who love to train with heavy weights!

Wyld Iron is my space for discussing my passion for training, nutrition, and general outdoor fun! The things I post on my website, Facebook, and Instagram are all a product of my own insights, experiences, and thoughts. There may be things that you do not agree with me 100% on, which is fine with me, we are all different after all, and at the end of the day, I gotta be me and you gotta be you, and we can agree to disagree. This being said, I cannot be held liable for any losses, injuries or damages that may occur as a result of the choices you make based on the information I present here or anywhere is social media land.

Also, it is important to inform you that I often recommend products or services that are not my own and sometimes, not all the time, receive affiliation compensation. However, I will never recommend or endorse any product, service, person, place, situation, etc. that I do not believe in. First and foremost I am here to be honest with you and tell you how I really feel about things, and there is no amount of compensation that could derail that!

One a final note: I know that “haters gonna hate”, but I absolutely refuse to engage with any person who chooses to be a hater just for the sake of it. If you have something constructive to say then I encourage the feedback and would love to hear you out. However, if you are trying to start a fight or argue an opinion of mine, I will choose to look the other way and defuse the situation. I think we should all be supporters of each other in the fitness community and there is not time for hate…”aint nobody got time for that”!

If you are now bored to tears from reading my disclaimer, here is your out back to something more fun!

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