Cropped Balancing Act

How Was Wyld Iron Born?

Hi, my name is Sabra Epp and I am the founder of Wyld Iron. I have always been involved in some aspect of fitness and dabbled in several different styles of training. When I was first introduced to kettlebell training I was amazed at the results I had achieved within such a short period of time. Improvements in strength, endurance, and mobility were exponential compared to any other program I had tried before. Utilizing kettlebells and barbells as my main training tools allowed for a lot of creativity and customization for my own workouts as well as the programs I have successfully built for my clients. Mixing heavy barbell, endurance, primal move, kettlebell, and body weight work to create the ultimate strong body proved to be a dynamic combination! What I discovered – you don’t have to be big to be strong, you just have to train properly. I don’t use any machines for my clients training and believe that using your whole body for a movement is far superior to isolation methods. I think the more raw materials one can train with the better and easier it becomes to integrate our workouts into our daily lives.

Wyld Iron Training Philosophy:

In the world of WI I believe in training not just for the sake of training, but to make the adventures we have outside of the gym better. I believe we should train to feel good and move better so that we can experience the strength our body’s were built to house.

As humans our bodies are not naturally  built to take on the elements. Without fur, claws, and large sharp teeth, we have been left to use our astute reasoning abilities to survive and thrive. Shouldn’t we then, as thoughtful beings, play up the limited physical abilities we do have to make us even more capable? We say yes, we say lets see how strong and able we can make our bodies so that we can lead better, stronger, and healthier lives leaving us free to enjoy life without joint pain, immobile bodies, and excess body weight.

Some Awesome Quotes:

“The beautiful result often astonishes us when our mind becomes oblivious to the work done with our heart.”

-Anuj Somany

“Rise up in the mist of turmoil, even if it’s just raising one finger. Eventually you will raise the hand and then the whole body. Rise up!”

-Janice Harris